Enterprise Solutions


  • Successfully deliver projects with more consistency and efficiency
  • Achieve business critical dates
  • Maintain and enforce overall architecture
  • Achieve quality, controlling time, budget and resources
  • Better capital and expense predictability.

In the fast changing global markets, organizations strive to achieve the state of zero latency in the flow of information, and have lower response times to be able to make innovative offerings to the market. Enterprise Packaged Applications are a pre-requisite to newer business initiatives and strategies. Takashi leverages its experience across domains and technology platforms to deliver faster returns on investment for its clients.

Takashi’s Packaged application portfolio includes the entire gamut of services right from package evaluation, selection, implementation, post-implementation support and development, version upgrades and Master

Data Management services. Our proven methodologies and domain expertise reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the package for your enterprise.

Takashi has developed deep expertise in leading Packaged ERP applications, including:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft

Takashi’s experience in implementation and post-implementation support spans across a wide range of vertical industry sectors.