Project Management Services


  • Successfully deliver projects with more consistency and efficiency
  • Achieve business critical dates
  • Maintain and enforce overall architecture
  • Achieve quality, controlling time, budget and resources
  • Better capital and expense predictability.

Successfully deliver your projects with more consistency and efficiency
With the push to streamline operations over the past few years, we understand the pressures of juggling multiple projects at a time. Project deliverables have become more complex while resources have become more scarce. Our Project Management Services provide you with the appropriate processes, tools, methodology, and training so that you can improve your project success rates with a focus on quality and reliability.

We ensure successful project implementation by working with you to establish the ideal project management solution for your specific business practices and environment:

Project Management Office Implementation
Assess, define, and implement a program or project office to fit your organization.

Process Improvement
Provide enterprise process improvement campaigns for your unique projects and programs.

Project Management Mentoring & Workshops
Learn from focused and tailored workshops and project mentoring covering critical parts of the software development life cycle.

Project Consulting & Assessments
Evaluate your project management practices in comparison to the SEI maturity model and identify risks.

Project Management Methodology Rollout & Training
Develop and deploy an appropriate methodology for your business.

Project Management Staffing
Support your project initiatives quickly and effectively with our highly experienced professionals.

Takashi’s Advantages:

  • Projects prioritized according to business strategy initiatives
  • Aligning projects to program goals and responding to changes in business environment and technology Managing to achieve business critical dates
  • Maintaining and enforcing overall architecture
  • Establishing configuration management and maintenance standards and common services
  • Planning for development, integration and deployment
  • Coordinating interfaces and data design
  • Creating work breakdown structure and assigning resources to tasks
  • Achieving quality, controlling time, budget and resources
  • Positive return on your investments
  • Better capital and expense predictability
  • Stronger internal project management capabilities
  • Shorter project and operations schedules
  • Minimized risk and increased predictability of project results
  • Maximum use of resources to satisfy each project requirement in a timely manner