Quality Assurance


  • Successfully deliver projects with more consistency and efficiency
  • Achieve business critical dates
  • Maintain and enforce overall architecture
  • Achieve quality, controlling time, budget and resources
  • Better capital and expense predictability.

Takashi offers its testing clients the following advantages:

A rich range of offerings that can be tailored to your organization’s needs

Proven testing experience across various domains and industries

A strong testing methodology with distinct phases and well-defined inputs and outputs

By choosing Takashi to outsource your testing function, you can not only improve the quality

of your software, but decrease costs and accelerate time-to-market.

Takashi’s Testing Philosophy

Testing has evolved over the years from being an “additional expense” through to a “necessary overhead” to turning one of the “most critical aspects” of software development. Takashi’s Testing Services is one of the fastest growing services in Takashi. With over 1,500 person-years of testing experience, offers customers a right-sized, flexible partner towards enabling an Independent Testing organization.

Takashi firmly believes testing is a specialized functional discipline that requires specialists with the appropriate experience, specialization, skills and tools. We build teams of career testers skilled in proven testing tools and develop unique methodologies to rapidly deploy a full spectrum of testing solutions in a variety of situations.

Best Practices. Takashi leverages internal standards and processes, our proprietary testing methodology and industry standard best practices to deliver client requirements. For example, Risk-Based Testing is used to optimize test effort, Orthogonal Array techniques are applied for optimization of test cases to ensure maximum test coverage, etc.

Early Testing = Effective Testing ! Defects are normally introduced early in the lifecycle but often detected only during the later phases; this escalates the cost to fix those defects exponentially. Clearly, substantial cost savings is possible in detecting bugs early in the lifecycle. Takashi’s testing philosophy is to plan and initiate testing from project initiation. Test early and test throughout the SDLC.

Speaking the Domain Language. In addition to building teams of career testers, Takashi’s testing teams are educated in the business of your industry. This yields returns beyond testing, with teams that understand the role and purpose of the applications being tested.

Tools and Automation. Takashi is committed to SMART automation – automate because you need to and not just because you can. Our teams are proficient in all major vendor tool platforms and our approach is to adapting to the client’s vendor platform to provide the best of breed automation solutions. In addition, we always aim towards a framework-driven automation model We do recommend centralized tool management to improve coordination and communication. We also strongly believe in SMART automation -Another of our automation philosophy is to.

Knowledge Management. To provide support to the professional testing team, a strong knowledge base has been developed over the years. Applying this learning has led to many success stories reflecting an increase in productivity, consistency, and repeatability.