Strategic Placement


  • Successfully deliver projects with more consistency and efficiency
  • Achieve business critical dates
  • Maintain and enforce overall architecture
  • Achieve quality, controlling time, budget and resources
  • Better capital and expense predictability.

Takashi is an accomplished player in HR Consulting / IT staffing arena. Takashi draws its delivery strength from years of experience in the industry along with its strategic alliances with industry leading players such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Mercury, among others.

Unique Features of Takashi’s Solution

Proprietary Reverse Auction

Takashi’s proprietary web-based technology portal provides automated reverse auction for position fulfillment. This guarantees optimal bill rates (proven to be superior to rate cards) to ensure that right candidate is selected at optimal bill rate and:

  • Enhances process efficiency
  • Minimizes subjectivity/errors
  • Provides dynamic, automatic evaluation and short-listing of candidates

At the heart of the reverse auction, is an algorithm based on weighted criteria. You will define weights for auto-short listing candidates by experience, skills, price and availability.
How Does Your Organization Benefit?

Benefits to your organization include:
Spend Reduction

  • Direct savings from reduced bill rates through our dynamic pricing engine which fosters a reverse bidding environment for each and every requirement.
  • Indirect savings through faster fill rates, higher ratio of successful placements of qualified candidates, and reduced processing costs.
  • Visibility to contingent labor spending which can lead to reduced “maverick” spending and better allocation of your flexible workforce.

Improved Business Efficiency

  • Streamlined vendor management
  • Improved process discipline and compliance
  • Reduced subjectivity in screening and short listing
  • Vendor performance tracking and accountability