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Takashi Mobile Testers program
Enterprise Mobile apps are rapidly evolving and consequently the need for Mobile Testers for these Apps. Are you ready to test projects involving mobile apps? It is not the same as testing traditional web Applications. Tools you use for traditional web application testing will not work on mobile apps. We are here to share our QA experience on mobile apps using Android and IOS with you and help you Understand this mobile testing environment. We cover mobile platforms in general and do a deep dive Into Android and IOS platforms with hands on experience using various mobile devices and tablets. Join our Quality Assurance for Mobile apps program.

Total Duration: 8 hrs. spread over One week of training.


  • 1. Traditional Apps vs. Mobile apps
  • 2. Technology buzzwords
  • 3. Various Mobile Development Platforms & technologies
  • 4. Mobile App development using Frameworks
  • 5. Mobile Application Types – Native vs. Wrapper
  • 6. Different features of Mobile platforms & how to test them–
    • a. Location/Map based services
    • b. Notifications
    • c. Local storage in database
    • d. Local data
    • e. Web-services interaction
    • 7. Device Detection & Device Testing Challenges
    • 8. Impact on various stages of SDLC
      • a. Requirements phase – ambiguities with devices
      • b. User experience (a.k.a UI) & usability testing
      • c. Quality Analysis phase –
        • i. Environments,
        • ii. Different test cases,
        • iii. tools
        • iv. Physical devices vs. emulators vs. simulators
    • 9. Mobile apps testing on Tablets

Training Fee:
Training fee for the program is $ 750 (USD Seven Hundred and Fifty). This fee is fully refundable after Completion of Six months of employment with Takashi Mobile Solutions, Inc.

Participants for the mobile testing program need to have 3-4 years of experience on testing of applications, using white box and black box testing. Experience writing test scripts and testing Methodologies is required. Knowledge of testing tools like QTP, Load runner etc. is preferred.

Placement assistance:
Takashi will provide placement assistance to suitable candidates, who complete the training classes and the assigned testing project successfully. Placement assistance will include interview preparation through mock interviews, interview analysis etc. These placements will be with clients of Takashi on
contractual basis.

For more details, please contact :

Executive Park # II
2140 Peralta Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94536 USA.
: 510 943 5968